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Yep, a guy I work with is insane about this game. The insurance is to get your ship re-spawned.

He's probably spent several thousand on it so far. In addition to in-game ships, he's gotten all sorts of bling--coffee mug, t-shirt, baseball cap, mouse pad deluxe (it's about 3' wide, so you can put your offhand controlle & joystick on opposite sides of your keyboard, and nothing slides around when you play). When he first told me about it, it sounded like it was actually available as a playble game so I spent the $60 to buy the basic package. Logged in once about a year and a half ago, found out that it was just an unplayable space combat simulator and haven't logged in since. There have been a lot of improvements, but there's currently no playable game (so far as I know; I'm just going off of the reports he gives because he thinks I'm interested in a pre-release game...). If and when they actually announce the game is up and doing something, I'll try logging in again; when I upgraded to Win10, it seems to have forgotten how to recognize that I have a joystick, which will make the space combat problematic.