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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
Isn't the fact that it's been in development for so long and is still only in alpha (a very expensive paid alpha, at that) enough reason to hate it? And the last few months have seen a lot of progress in flyable ships? What does that mean, that they weren't flyable before? That they're still not flyable, but they're closer to being flyable? If you're this far along in development and you're still making progress on something that fundamental, there's something seriously wrong.
Wha? You're mad that they're taking time to craft an incredibly ambitious, large, and detailed game? Would you rather they be like Ubisoft and crank out another assassin's creed game every 9 months?

3 years is not at all a very long development time for a game. Even mildly ambitious games are a huge amount of work.

If you're mad that you can only fly this or that, then obviously crowdfunding this game isn't for you, and you wouldn't (or shouldn't) have done it.

I would much rather have the most ambitious game of all time after 5 years than shoveled shit after 2.