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Originally Posted by Czarcasm View Post
I'm confused as to what $2500 ship is being taken out by a $450 team in this scenario. Are you perhaps referring to $2700 package of ships and equipment?
There are a couple larger ships which were available for limited sale namely the Idris Frigate Which if I recall correctly was offered for sale standalone for $2500.

Having a big bad ship is not in and of itself any guarantee of invincibility. Larger ships will be able to take immense amounts of punishment before being destroyed but can be rendered combat ineffective without being destroyed. Targeting of and damage to critical subsystems like turrets, engines, powerplants, is a valid tactic. An opposing pilot who knows where the power systems/avionics/main power conduits/etc. on a given ship can focus fire on that area hoping that a shot that penetrates the hull will destroy/cripple the system leaving the ship disabled but minimally damaged. The amount of planned damage possibilities is huge and is one of the time issues with ship creation is they are not just modeling a frame and skin, they are placing pathing for power, data, fuel lines, locations of sensors, thrusters, and a broad variety of ship systems that can be individually damaged both by ship to ship weapon fire or in some cases small arms and grenades in boarding actions.