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Omnibus Trolls R Us Thread

For the Obvious Troll is Obvious award of the week, I'd like to nominate GlowingDarkness, in recognition of these fine efforts:

Do Nice Guys Ever Get the Sexy Time?

Why Do Drug Addicts Get All Addicted?

Christ Almighty, It was Only the One Rape!

Why Be People Sheeple?

I Met Her in a Club Down in Old Soho Where You Drink Champagne and It Tastes Just Like Cherry Cola

Okay, maybe they aren't all trolling threads. But overall it's an outstanding body of work. And these are only about half of the threads he's started recently.

(I realize that I may be the only person interested in an omnibus troll thread in the Pit. Hell, even I feel pretty half-hearted about the whole thing.)