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Originally Posted by Ann Hedonia View Post
REALLY ?? By all accounts? Where do you come up with this stuff? .......checks to make sure this is the pit thread.....this is BY ALL ACCOUNTS the stupidest thing I’ve ever read on this board, surpassing another one of your classics. Do you even think before you write crap like this?

By the accounts I’ve read, Vladimir Putin is a murderous and corrupt gangster running a criminal enterprise that has nuclear weapons. He has business owners tortured and killed in order to steal their assets, and is backed up with paperwork issued by a totally corrupt legal system that answers to him. This is the crux of the Magnitsky Act. He’s been known to poison foreign business executives. He imprisons, tortures and kills his political opponents and journalists that speak out against him.

Now, I know that you and your ilk have a hard-on for him because he foments hate for minorities and persecutes gay people. Plus he had Pussy Riot attacked by bull-whipped wielding Cossacks. So conservatives are all in love with this democracy hating asshole.

And because he’s such s major league bully that actually completely destroys then kills everyone that opposes him, Trump has a schoolgirl crush on him. ( “Maybe he’ll give me a present” ). And Putin knows this and spent a long time playing hard to get.

And Putin’s just playing with him ( and the rest of the world). And Trump is still desperate for his attention. It’s so ridiculous, they’re both like comic book villains.

And for those that still doubt that Putin, at heart, is a common criminal— remember that he literally stole a Super Bowl ring from NE Pats owner Robert Kraft.

Or are you going to defend Putin?
IMO, the lesson to be learned from this type of post is about the danger of surrounding yourself with likeminded people and getting information from ideologically-conforming sources. Because of the uniformity of belief and the dearth of counterpoints, things can seem obviously true when they're not remotely so.

This is perhaps an extreme example, of a poster confidently declaring something to be the stupidest thing she ever read on the board when it's well known to be true to anyone even minimally informed about the subject. But the phenomenon has broader application, IMO, and could influence even intelligent posters, albeit in a subtler manner.