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Originally Posted by asahi View Post
Pfff...what you and others don't want to bring yourselves to admit, don't want to understand, is that every single day that Trump is in office, every day that he and his allies remain in power, is a day that they are wearing down the good, civic-minded bureaucrats. This is not what Rachel Brand signed up for. I'm guessing that this government is not what many of the career bureaucrats signed up for -- but this is what they've got at least until January of 2021. A change of Congress - if it even happens and that's an entirely different thread of discussion -- won't change that. Trump and his billionaire plutocratic alliance is making the bureaucracy an uncomfortable place for people who actually care about preserving institutions for the public. This is an irreversible trend.
If its an irreversible trend, why should I bother voting in the next election. Stupidity, bigotry and ignorance are going to win the day, so I might as well stay home with my playstation until the jack booted thugs come and take me away, or better yet join Trump so that I'll be on the winning side when the purge comes.

Is this the message you're trying to get across? Because it's the message I'm hearing.

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