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Originally Posted by Buck Godot View Post
If its an irreversible trend, why should I bother voting in the next election. Stupidity, bigotry and ignorance are going to win the day, so I might as well stay home with my playstation until the jack booted thugs come and take me away, or better yet join Trump so that I'll be on the winning side when the purge comes.

Is this the message you're trying to get across? Because it's the message I'm hearing.
I'm not telling you to do anything. By all means, go out and vote and be politically active - I certainly intend to do that. But just understand that we're at the point where it might require more than just voting to preserve and defend democracy. For far too long, most of us have taken a lot of things in this country for granted. The public institutions that have made our society unquestionably better in the past 100 or more years were the result of political activism and spirited public protests to demand more people power. I'm optimistic that, at some point, we will have finally had enough, but I'm pessimistic in that there is going to be considerable damage done by the time we put a stop to all the madness. So in the short-term, the damage is done and it's irreversible. Nevertheless, we have to vote and be active now to stop even more damage in the long run.