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Originally Posted by iiandyiiii View Post
Somehow I'm unconvinced by this very vague non-calculation.
There is a calculation that can be made based on the fact that the article says that if young white males were killed by cops at the same rate as young black males then there would be 185 dead white boys. There are about 5 times as many young white males as young black males. 20% of 185 is about 37 young black males that have been killed by police over 3 years. In which time about 9 white boys have been killed by police (185/21). Now take into account things like poverty and gang activity and that 21 multiplier you are using starts to look less and less meaningful.

This is not hard math. Almost all simple multiplication and division.

But if you don't want to go further, that's fine. The most damning statistic to me is that 50% of black people report that they personally have been mistreated by police, as compared to only 3% of white people. Unless you believe that black people are less honest or accurate than white people, then this is indicative of a very significant problem with the way law enforcement treats black people.
The same study that said that cops don't shoot black people more frequently than white people also said that cops harass black people more than they harass white people.