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Originally Posted by Left Hand of Dorkness View Post
Oh! Well that's all right then. We had to turn in our homework and pass our exams at Evergreen, too. And I betcha that at your school, students complained about homework, too.

And guess what? Evergreen has rules, and they're enforced. The problem is that you don't like how they were enforced.
You know, you might rethink your constant praise about Evergreen, According to THIS their freshmen class this year will be about 350 students. Thats right. The school whos current enrollment is about 3100 students, if things dont change could quickly drop to less than 1500. Their high point was in 2010 when enrollment was 4500.

It's also interesting that the article said Evergreen was the only college in Washington which is losing students or not losing them anywhere near as bad.

So maybe cutting funding DOES make sense. After all the funding was based on the school having about 4,000 students.If enrollment drops the states money could better be spent at other colleges.