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I have a tangential story also. About the time this song was being played constantly on the radio, my mom took me to the doctor (I was around 8) in San Francisco, and on the way back we had to take the Bay Bridge/580 eastbound to go back to the central valley. It was dark by the time we got out of the doctor's office and my mom got lost just about the time we passed this place, prominantly visible from 580 eastbound: California Hotel

She got off the highway and looped around trying to get herself oriented, and we passed it again when she felt like she was still lost. Pulled off again and found her way to a gas station where she asked for directions. As we followed their directions, we passed by it a third time, leading to much joking about us being lost in Hotel California.

(If you find it on the map, you can see that she wasn't lost at all!)