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I've never really listened to the lyrics; I can't bear to, because the song is so unbearably insipid--like so much of 70s music before punk came along.

But for a long time I thought that it might be about the hotel represented by that huge sign that was left on Riverside Drive for years, and then I realized that's the Hotel Californian, (with an N).
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. . . he proceeded to tell me what a HUGE Eagles fan he was and that his favorite was "Hotel California."
Yeah, if you go out with friends to a club in Colombia, usually about 3am, after every table's gone through several bottles of aguardiente, and after all the salsa, merengue and vallenato, the DJ will inevitably play this song, for "slow dancing." Nobody knows what the song is about. All they know is that it's about a hotel, and it's about California, and if you're male, and from California, some colombiana will want to dance with you, and you can't really say "no" just because you can't stand the song.