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Originally Posted by Grestarian View Post
In any case, since Frey admitted to residing there at all, he would undoubtedly have heard (if not experienced) the history of the site being an insane asylum. And in Pink Champagne on Ice, Don Henley says they were inspired by Al Stewart's Year of the Cat, which he described as a montage of partial descriptions bleeding together into a musical carnival ride. Furthermore, the timing of the song's writing and development also seems more-than-coincidental. Year of the Cat was produced by Alan Parsons and came out in 1976 while The Alan Parsons Project released The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether on their Tales of Mystery and Imagination album (full of songs based on Edgar Allan Poe's work) and it's tough to believe Frey, Henley, or both weren't influenced (at least subconsciously) by the juxtaposition of the two songs into a got-exhausted-on-the-road-and-trapped-in-an-asylum masterpiece, which came out in the summer of 1976.
This is fascinating. I'm a huge Alan Parsons Project fan, but I've never heard about this connection. I can believe it, though.

I grew up near Ventura (Ojai, a little north) and lived there until the early Eighties. Camarillo State Hospital was definitely well known as a mental hospital (the kids would joke about "getting sent to Camarillo State.") I went there on a field trip for a high school psychology class, so it was still one in the early Eighties. I didn't realize it closed in 1997.