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Originally Posted by Ludovic View Post
I agree for an unconventional reason: in the span of three years, a not-insubstantial percentage of the population will be new voters, or no longer voters. The vote was close enough that if a lopsided percentage of the new voters want to remain, the current mood of the public might have legitimately changed even if no one individual changes sides on this issue. (Thus, my original feeling that this decision was so substantial that a supermajority for "yes" should have been required to prevent possible absurdities like this, but I'm not going to tell the Brits how to run their affairs.)
In three years (or sooner) the magnitude of the disaster should be evident, and with any luck when Boris and the other lackwits come out to say how great things are they can get met with rotten eggs and tomatoes.

Just do it long enough after the Hard Brexit for me to visit London on the cheap after the pound plummets. Silver linings, etc.