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Originally Posted by Northern Piper View Post
Yes, when he was campaigning for " Leave."
It should be noted that this campaigning was being done during a 2011 parliamentary debate. I'm not familiar with the motion that was being discussed, but the prospect of a multiple-choice referendum was raised by David Cameron at the start of the debate.

Thirdly, and crucially, there is a danger that by raising the prospect of a referendum, including an in/out option, we will miss the real opportunity to further our national interest. Fundamental questions are being asked about the future of the eurozone and, therefore, the shape of the EU itself. Opportunities to advance our national interest are clearly becoming apparent. We should focus on how to make the most of this, rather than pursuing a parliamentary process for a multiple-choice referendum.

Jacob Rees-Mogg was arguing for a clear referendum or pair of referendums.

The other two points that do not add up to much were, first, that a three-way referendum is confusing. However, that is not a problem because the motion calls for a Bill in the next Session, which can deal with any confusion. We can, in our wisdom, work out how to phrase a referendum—or series of referendums, if necessary —that will be understandable. <snip> That issue can be dealt with in the legislation. Indeed, we could have two referendums. As it happens, it might make more sense to have the second referendum after the renegotiation is completed.

As an aside, I chuckled at this bit of English humour, but then realised I didn't get the basis of the joke. Is this a cricket joke?

Jacob Rees-Mogg: I am grateful to the hon. Gentleman for giving me an extra minute—it is kind of Gloucestershire to give something to Somerset for once.

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