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Originally Posted by Quartz View Post
But but but, Trump's a criminal, because YOU SAY SO. And that's good enough.

You know, I thought that in America you had the principle of presumption of innocence. Or doesn't that apply to people with an R after their name?

Tell me, have all the Democrat Senators and Representatives released their tax returns? If not, why not?

The view from 4000 miles away is that they're just playing politics, keeping the issue bubbling. They don't want push to come to shove. It's win-win for them as they keep the issue bubbling and they follow the adage of never stopping your opponent when he's making a mistake. Quite clever, really.
No, not just me. Hundreds, HUNDREDS of former prosecutors. From both parties. Appointed by presidents going back decades.

Not just me. The Mueller Report. Not the Barr memo that "totally exonerated him". The actual report, which did NOT.

But hey - let's pretend this is "just my opinion, some dude on the internet". Good arguing tactic there.

Have senators EVER released tax returns? No. But presidents have. For decades. But not our special Mr. Trump. Oh no. Dear Leader does not do that. Dear Leader does whatever he wants. Dear Leader has nothing to hide, so you can't see anything.

Sure, the "view from 4000 miles away." This is also known as "the view by people who are not in full grasp of the facts, and get their news from memes on the internet" It's the view from the uneducated, the ill-informed and authoritarians who love Dear Leader.

And now we have a case where Dear Leader Trump has claimed executive privilege into a report about HIS OWN CONDUCT, and his instructing HIS OWN APPOINTEE to refuse to cooperate with Congress. Dear Leader Trump is innocent, so you can't see the investigation - just trust the guy Trump hired to spike the investigation.

Jesus. You are actually defending this. Actually. Wow.

Presumption of Innocence? Really? So this now involves burying the investigation, and refusing to release details to congress? Really?

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