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Originally Posted by Tee View Post
Going by the OP's article, the feminists might be upset about having to share space with other women who are a) biologically male b) stark naked, and c) sexually attracted to them, d) somewhat lacking in decency. Not a difficult concept.
Also: not something that actually happens. It's a phantom fear that simply does not happen.

Originally Posted by Whack-a-Mole View Post
Me too but it takes more than a declaration.

But it is abundantly clear that men who switch to being women have a major advantage over women who were born women in many sports.
How many olympic athletes have been transwomen since the IOC allowed transwomen to participate in 2004? How many olympic athletes have been transwomen since the IOC loosened those restrictions again in 2015?

The answer is zero and zero, respectively. Out of tens of thousands, there isn't a single one represented.

Transwomen are actually drastically underrepresented in elite sport. There are a handful of standout cases... which is exactly what you would expect given that transwomen are something like 1% of the population - eventually, someone's going to do something noteworthy. The idea that post-transition transwomen have any kind of innate advantage in any sport is, to date, utterly unsupported by any available evidence.

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