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Originally Posted by octopus View Post
So if I say I am a woman I can now compete as a woman? Just like that?
Not in my understanding. In my understanding, transitioning is a very involved process (though many parts of it can vary) and involves far more than simply saying that you are a woman.

What does feeling like a woman or being a woman actually mean at that point?
I certainly don't know; I'm not a woman.

Look, if we are going to have discriminatory realms such as sport then we need actual definitions. What’s your definition of a woman?
I don't see why this is necessary. There are plenty of xx, female-body-having women who can't compete in women's sports for a variety of reasons having nothing to do with their bodies or even their abilities (they broke rules, for example) -- they are still women. The question of who should be allowed to compete in women's sports is a legitimate question, but far more complicated than "what is the definition of a woman".