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Originally Posted by clairobscur View Post
If you assert that there's no compelling interest in having segregated locker rooms besides a vague preference, since they don't offer any more safety for instance, obviously having transwomen in them isn't an issue, but then again neither is having anybody else there, including an openly cis and straight male. Which obviously nullifies the "but what if the transwoman is actually a cisman" concern.

But many people argue that there's such a compelling interest. If a woman was telling you that she should be spared the presence of men in locker rooms because she fears for her safety (even if she recognizes that the risk of being assaulted is objectively extremely low), or because it makes her very uncomfortable to have men possibly checking her up when she undresses, or because she shouldn't have to see some stranger's dick, would you tell her that in fact she shouldn't have such an expectation, and that none of the reasons she advances are legitimate?

Because in this case, her interest in preventing access to the locker room can be valued at 0, which seems to be your argument, and the desire of a transwoman to go into this locker room will necessarily be more important than hers, even if it's only valued at 0.001 for feeling good. But if you agree that she has *some* interest at least in limiting this access, say valued at 1, then you have to show that the interest of the transwomen in entering the locker room can be given some higher value because then there are competing interests, and you have to choose whose interest is more important.

So do you recognize or do you deny that women have any legitimate interest in limiting access to locker rooms on the basis of gender besides a meaningless personal preference?
Maybe, but limiting access based on gender doesn't have anything to do with this discussion. Transwomen are women. Their gender is "woman". If a woman wants to restrict access based on gender, then they aren't blocking trans people from doing anything.

If they want to restrict access based on gender identity, which would serve no purpose except for bigotry, then they're being hateful and bigoted.
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