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Originally Posted by Budget Player Cadet View Post
People don't transition because "they couldn't hack it as men". Neither in their professions/sports nor in general, no matter what that hack Blanchard has to say about it. That's the toxic little assumption hidden in here. "Transwomen aren't women, they're men invading women's spaces for reason X".

Fuck that noise. Seriously, have you ever met a transwoman?
The existence of transwomen doesn't preclude the possibility that a man will claim to be a woman for other reasons. And the easiest it is to make such a claim, the most likely it is that such a thing will happen. If for instance the only requirement to enlist in a tennis competition with a big monetary prize is to state "I self-identify as a woman", the likelihood of such a thing happening is rather high IMO. People will do much more than that for money.

And people obviously can and should wonder about the possible future consequences of a statute. For instance in the current thread about abortion, people are discussing the risk that this law could result in women sentenced to life for having a miscarriage. The fact that no women has yet been sentenced to life for a miscarriage doesn't mean that nobody should wonder if it could happen if this law is passed.

Similarly, someone is perfectly entitled to think that if a law making transpeople a protected class is passed, with no onerous requirement to be recognized as trans, men will try to get an award, scolarship, medal or whatever intended for women by stating "I self-identify as a woman". This doesn't appear to me to be an outrageous or absurd concern.

And besides the claim doesn't even have to be fully dishonest. I gave earlier the example of a somewhat genderfluid person feeling womanish today, for instance, opening the benefit of this law to many people for whom it wasn't intended.
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