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Yeah, and same goes for "toxic masculinity" and "toxic femininity". If "the issues are real", then we have to call them something when we talk about them, don't we? I'm rather skeptical of the notion that racial and gender issues would be happily resolved by now if only we'd been using better "terminology" for them.

And besides, although I can see how somebody could misinterpret the term "toxic" as a personal insult, it's hard to think of a more mild and conciliatory expression than "white privilege" to describe the various social and cultural benefits that white people as a group derive from living in a historically and persistently racist society.

I mean, the term isn't "white selfishness" or "white stupidity" or "white arrogance" or even "white ignorance", all of which have at least some relevance to the impacts of societal racism on white people's assumptions and perceptions about racial issues. It's just pointing out, in about the most low-key way possible, that a society that was run for hundreds of years on the principle that white people are superior and must be treated as such is naturally going to perpetuate some residual benefits and advantages for the racial category of whiteness. Anybody who gets upset about an expression as gentle as "white privilege" has got some serious fragility issues.
‘Black Lives Matter’ was a misstep. What they meant was ‘Black Lives Also Matter’ and took it as a given people would understand. And for the most part they did, but that didn’t stop nonsensical counterchants like ‘blue lives matter’ from people whose intent was and is I suspect odious. Of course police lives matter, but innocent civilians don’t want to be routinely shot in the face on a routine stop. Why is this an argument? Why are we losing ground on this issue!