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Originally Posted by Kimstu View Post
I know nothing about Meghan McCain, but I agree in general that "toxic femininity" covers not only specifically female-coded ways of being mean to other people, but also exploiting gender stereotypes of female "weakness" and "delicacy" and "sensitivity", etc., to evade responsibility or shirk or freeload. The stereotypical behavior not only of "mean girls" but also of "golddiggers", "dumb blondes", "delicate flowers", "helpless females", "clinging vines" and so forth all falls into the category of "toxic femininity".
I agree with this. I think a lot of people who are disinclined to talk about "toxic masculinity" are probably are not so reticent (in their day to day lives) to talk about "toxic femininity". They just don't call it that. Instead, they use the slurs you mentioned.

I know personally I have encountered women who have these traits, but it is difficult to assess what is exactly going on. Is a woman who goes into histronics because she sees a daddy long legs in the bathroom stall acting in accordance to her nature--and her "nature" just happens to coincide with the "helpless delicate female" stereotype? Or is she acting in accordance with her social programming--which encourages female histrionics when an attractive male is within earshot? I have a female coworker who I believe to be intelligent, but she once told me she acts like she is clueless when she is dealing with arrogant male coworkers just to make interactions easier. Is this "toxic"? I think it is since she is contributing to a damaging stereotype (the "dumb" woman). But it's also a survival mechanism that has likely served her well. So it is complicated.