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Manda JO,

And discussing those gender related specific systems issues is useful. "Toxic" this or that however impedes discussing those in meaningful ways.

Encouraging parents to raise strong non-passive daughters, being aware of what messages our chosen myths (be they Disney or other) send to our children is not served by the phrase "toxic masculinity." In your example we should not be teaching boys to be men less willing to stand up for themselves. We do need to teach them to expect women to stand up for themselves as well as men and to value that.

monstro, you may think so but I'd believe you are mistaken. It is an attack on their basic identity. Substitute another identity to get a better sense ... "toxic Blackness", "toxic whiteness", "toxic immigrant", "toxic Jewishness", "toxic Muslimness" ... all of those would be conversation stoppers and appropriately so. Not because of hypersensitivity.