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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
And discussing those gender related specific systems issues is useful. "Toxic" this or that however impedes discussing those in meaningful ways.
Well (ETA: as many others have now said already), what term should we use to describe traditional gender stereotypes that we think are bad for people?

The point of the term "toxic" is to convey the perspective that certain traditional gender expectations and cultural norms, which are conventionally presented as right and normal and natural, are actually damaging and counterproductive overall. What alternative term to "toxic" are you proposing should be used to convey that perspective?

Originally Posted by DSeid
It is an attack on their basic identity. Substitute another identity to get a better sense ... "toxic Blackness", "toxic whiteness", "toxic immigrant", "toxic Jewishness", "toxic Muslimness"
Well, our society certainly does use similar terms to describe socially harmful forms of various minority identities, such as "gangsta culture" for glorification of crime/drugs/misogyny among some African-Americans. Or the previously-mentioned term "white privilege" to reference social reinforcement of white obliviousness or obtuseness about racial issues.

So what socially-approved term do you think we should use to refer to, say, harmful traditional stereotypes of masculinity? Like it or not, "toxic masculinity" seems to be the term for this concept currently gaining widespread popular acceptance in our language. And I think once the term is familiar enough that most people stop misinterpreting it as "masculinity is toxic" or "maleness is toxic", they'll be much less likely to perceive it as "an attack on their basic identity".

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