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Any sort of war with Iran wouldn't be an invasion. There's absolutely nothing to gain from it. It would take a HUGE number of troops- Iran is over twice the population of Iraq, considerably larger, and the capitol is in the far northern part of the country.

What's more likely IF there is war with Iran would be air strikes and some kind of naval combat, along with a blockade of some kind.

And... this isn't the first time we've been in this same sort of situation w.r.t. Iran. Ever since 1979, we've been more or less on the brink of war. Hell, in 1988 we mounted the largest surface engagement since WWII in Operation Praying Mantis where we sank or severely damaged half of Iran's navy in one fell swoop, as retaliation for Iranian mines and missiles damaging the USS Samuel B. Roberts and USS Stark.

The Trump Administration is definitely going about this the wrong way by increasing tensions, etc... but make no mistake, the Iranian government is a gang of assholes as well.