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Originally Posted by HurricaneDitka View Post
Okay, that's a good start, what does "comes down on Iran's side" look like? Strongly-worded letters? Joining their Iranian brothers in taking up arms against the wicked imperialist Americans? Something in between? Little Nemo suggested they might blow off sanctions. Perhaps ceasing international military exercises with the US military? F-35 sales plummet? They revoke American visas? Kick us out of military bases in their territory?
Refusal to participate in Trump's bullshit embargoes, leaving Iran economically better off than they were before Trump started beating his flabby chest.
Refusal to support U.S. military by denying to the U.S. bases from which to stage attacks. (Staging including any transport operations.)
Withdrawal of support, including exchange of intelligence, with the U.S. in what would be a more legitimate opposition to Iran's idiotic war against Israel.
Eventually, refusal to join with U.S. on any joint operations, anywhere, on the grounds that the U.S. has become the newest rogue/bully nation.
Possibly more support for Putin and China in all sorts of international situations.

All so that Trump and Bolton can feel like they are strong.