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Some seem to think it's obvious that a choice about safety would have led to moving to the USA or Canada. They're forgetting, or never learned, that the reason there were so many Jews in Germany in the first place was that for quite a few years before the 1930's Germany had been one of the best, and safest, places in the world to be Jewish. Why should people who had just had Germany betray them in that fashion have assumed that Canada or the USA wouldn't do likewise? It's not as if there were no antisemitism in those countries at the time. There was quite a bit of it. Here's just one example, from 1939: possibly one of the last things some of the survivors had heard from the USA before they got shipped off to camps.
Canada was no better with its "None is too many" policy towards Jewish immigrants under the William Lyon MacKenzie King administration of 1935-1948.
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