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Originally Posted by Superdude View Post
So I made the mistake of arguing with a die-hard conservative, bible-thumping friend of mine, who doesn't like hearing the Democrats are no longer the party of the 1800s, and actually support minorities. This was his response (which I'm sharing, hoping y'all can help me with my homework here):

There is only one major party who continues to make race an issue and talk about race constantly, and it is not the Republicans. There is only one party whose policies continue to impoverish those who are less fortunate no matter the “intention” of those policies , and it is not the Republicans. There is only one major party who supports the murder of millions of minority babies, and that is not the Republican Party. There has been no pivot. There has only been a “rebranding”. Martin Luther King, Jr., prayed for a color blind society. Republicans have embraced just that, while Democrats pander for votes. You are just plain wrong, and I pray for you, while I know that means nothing to you.

I have seen many of your offensive and wrong posts of late and have refrained from responding. But, you can’t seem to resist responding to my posts. Therefore, I suppose, “it is on”.
Ask him if his basic position is that black people aren't smart enough to know they're being fooled and they should just trust the good white folks in the GOP? Because that's what it sounds like he's saying.