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Originally Posted by manson1972 View Post
I'm not doubting you, but if you decided to build a fence around your yard, you would need to do an environmental impact study?

Well, I guess I am doubting you.
I would have to get permits, and those permits say what kind of fence I can build. As long as I am building that type of fence, I do not have to do an impact study, as those fences do not have much of an impact.

Were I to want to build a different type of fence (or wall) than is usually granted permits for, one that would interrupt the flow of groundwater, then yes, I would have to go to zoning meetings and try to get waivers granted, and probably have to do some sort of offset, or make sure that proper drainage or culverts are installed.

Are these people putting up fences or walls?

I've never been that involved with building walls, but parking lots? Yeah. If I put in a parking lot, I need to do impact studies to see how much drainage I need to offset and how large a retention pond I need to do so.

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