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My grandson has a book I HATE.

The book in question is "The Berenstain Bears Love One Another." Or something like that. For those of you who may remember the Berenstain Bears as being rather preachy, somewhat sexist, but occasionally funny and generally inoffensive potato chip books, those days are over. The series has been commandeered by Stan and Jan's son Mike, who is a religious evangelical and has been writing books that meet this, um, theology. The results are...awful.

In this book Mama Bear is making muffins. The older two kids (there is now a younger bear, Honey) help out. "You all are good helpers," Mama tells them. The children say how much they are looking forward to getting muffins of their own, only Mama lowers the boom--they ain't getting any. The muffins are earmarked for Mrs. Grizzly, who just had twins. Nope, she can't even spare a single muffin for the kids to divide. And why? Because of the Bible verse they learned in Sunday School: "Love one another." Yes, "one another" extends to local married women who have just given birth, but not to your own flesh and blood. Just would Jesus would have said.

Later, Brother and Sister Bear help Papa do outside work, then play with Honey so Mama can make dinner, because God forbid that Papa learn to cook or Mama handle anything outside home and hearth. They all talk about how much they love one another. Then it's dinnertime (still no muffins) and Papa is allowed to say grace. That's pretty much it.

Sexist, way more than the originals. Preachy, way more than the originals. And boring, and insipid, and just plain mean. My grandson is almost three. I read him two books a night at bedtime. I'd say it's something he chooses once a week or so. I may have to disappear it. Either that or start doing some heavy-duty editorializing. Or maybe changing the story ("Of course, a muffin for each of you!" said Mama briskly.) Gaaah.