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Originally Posted by Manda JO View Post
Jesus Christ. That's fucking insulting. Teaching students with learning disabilities takes incredible skill and craft and training.

Do you actually think "special ed teacher" is an insult? Do you think SpEd is inferior teachers teaching inferior kids?
Thank you, Manda JO. He directed that gem at me. I started to respond in a similar vein as you did (though perhaps not as
well) but decided a) he's not going to recognize his own ignorance and b) he's especially unlikely to change it if a woman is making the argument:

Similarly, feminists want to be treated like a man...except, you know, for having to work a dangerous job like a man, face the military draft like a man, or face the criminal justice system as a man.
And, uh, they [women] voluntarily avoid most of the dangerous jobs they aren't being blocked from entering. You know, truck driving and oil rigs and logging and so on.