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What Zimmerman did pre-fight was tacky, dumb, racist, but 100% legal. What Martin did when he approached Zimmerman in the street was 100% illegal, and in that state, Zimmerman's response was within the law. So would it have happened if Zimmerman wasn't as a-hole? No. But it also wouldn't have happened if Martin had not gone out in search of him, either. Or if Martin had gone out, found him, and engaged in a verbal confrontation (e.g. What's your deal a-hole? Why are you following me?) Bashing anyone's head in the street because you are mad they were following you, whatever the dumb reasoning or intent, is not a reasonable reaction in the eyes of the law. So while you can empathisize with Martin's feelings and reactions, and the senseless loss of life, the truth is he would be alive if he had not initiated a violent life-threatening confrontation with someone who was NOT putting his life in immediate jeopardy. The fact Zimmerman is basically glad it happened and would love to do it again makes it all the more sickening and offensive, but the only law broken here unfortunately was by Martin.

There was a recent incident where a racist woman challenged a black man's reason for being in her apartment building, and it turned out, he lived there. If his reaction to this had been jumping on her and bashing her head on the ground, he would be guilty of a crime, she would not- pretty much same thing here.

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