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Originally Posted by UDS View Post
Boris was not "effectively chosen by the elected house"; he was chosen by the rank-and-file membership of the Tory party, a party which holds less than half the seats in the elected house, and which secured much less than half the votes at the most recent election. He was appointed as Prime Minister without the elected house having any opportunity to express a view on whether he should be, and the day after his appointment the elected house went into a recess which is still continuing.
He was technically chosen by the Queen, and effectively chosen by the House, as the only person who can command the confidence of the House.

Were the opposition less fractured and ineffectual, it's likely that he would not have been able to command said confidence, but as it stands he has it. A working majority of one should not be enough to keep it, but I'm sure Corbyn will find a way to lose a confidence vote in the near future.