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Originally Posted by China Guy View Post
I hear you. Tokyo made me emotionally preview what living while black in American might mean. I landed my first profession job in the early 1990's for a Swiss Investment Bank making about $80k/year. I didn't have a gaijin package but I could easily afford a $1500/month 6-mat apartment. My Japanese was not great, but I could cover the basics.

One place just freaked when I tried to walk in "no, no, no gaijin". Other's put up with me but knew it was a waste of time. One that found me a place would start out saying "I've got a special situation here. Works for a Swiss Investment Bank, has a guarantee from the bank, speaks some Japanese, nice guy, has the deposit ready, by the way is a gaijin (white guy). He landed my place and I was thankful.

Rental agency #1 also got a rock thru the window. Fuckin' A, I don't think I have ever been so pissed off in my life. Here I am with a professional job, cash and you won't even give me the time of day. And I did realize it was just a small taste of what many people of color live every day in the US. YMMV.
This exactly.

After have had lived in Japan on and off for several years over a ten-year period, I married a Japanese woman and moved to Japan in 1990. I've been in Asia since then. My wife and I lived with her parents for a year while we saved money.

I wasn't working for a foreign company, but I was working for a Japanese one. I was married to a Japanese. I had a guarantee from my Japanese father-in-law. I spoke close to fluent Japanese and could read and write Japanese.

We decided to move out on our own in about 1992ish. As you put it, Fuck'A. My wife was doing apartment shopping and would go someplace. They would look at some interesting places and she would ask if it would be a problem if her husband was a foreigner. “No problem.” Until I showed up in my light brown hair and hazel eyes. Suddenly there were absolutely no apartments to rent.

One realtor was very kind, explained it was difficult to find places and spent a while on the phone calling the realtors who represented the landlords only to get turned down a number of time.

One place in particular, I wanted to come back with a fucking shotgun. The bored realtor was reading a newspaper but jumped to attention when the bell on the door rang as we opened it. He saw me, his eyes went right back to the paper and he simply waved his hands in dismissal, as if shooing away a fly.

I also came away from that experience with a greater appreciation of what people of color experience.

I had a relationship for a while with a divorced woman I picked up in Roppongi. As her part of divorce, she had three or four apartments in central Tokyo which she was able to live off of. She wouldn’t rent to foreigners. She had absolutely no problem getting picked up and fucking them, she just wouldn’t rent to them.

I knew hundreds of foreigners in the 25 plus years I lived there. All of them were living in fixed abodes and not just crashing in the park, so people would find places.

I didn’t have any problem purchasing a house. I also had a couple of friends who made money by renting apartments and then subleasing them to foreigners.