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Originally Posted by Gyrate View Post
False dilemma. It is possible to achieve self-determination without provoking violence; it's just a lot more difficult to do and certainly doesn't involve a "no-deal Brexit". So perhaps you'd like to lower your dudgeon a bit there.
I'm nowhere near as optimistic as you are on that. As far as Ireland goes I don't actually think it is possible for either party to execute self-determination without provoking violence. The Republicans continue to kill and bomb right now and would step it up even further if a permanent border were established, the Unionists would flare up again were a re-unification referendum ever passed.

Regardless of any of the above, I still believe that the principle of self-determination applies. If NI wanted to reunite with the ROI then they should be allowed to if the people of both entities vote for it. That seems a perfect illustration of the principle and even though exercising it would inevitably lead to bloodshed regardless of the outcome that is no reason for backtracking on it, that cure is worse than the disease.
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