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Originally Posted by RioRico View Post
Tramp would only be reverting to his prior (D) identity. Can we easily dismiss the tale that Tramp conspired with his old buds the Clintons to destroy the GOP by revealing the right's obscenity? GOP is now known as the party of traitorous haters and luzers, vastly white, young and old with few prospects. Demographics are against the GOP.

What, Faux Newz staffers subtly or blatantly misidentify politicians? Accidents happen. But in Japanese art, accidents MUST happen; ceramics MUST break, to be creatively fixed with gilded glue. And in Faux-land, glitches MUST occur, just so. Bad Republican: accidentally apply (D) or nothing. Bad anyone else: accidentally apply (D). Edit those out if anyone whines. But never apologize.

If Independents become a solid bloc, expect Faux to label its targets (I).
Hi! Welcome to the Straight Dope! I'm not a moderator, so this is just a request from one poster to another.

Please, please, please stop referring to him at "Tramp" in this forum. It just looks like a typo, or rather childish name calling. And, "Faux Newz"? Come on. We have a forum called the BBQ Pit for that stuff. It's just getting under my skin -- your posts read like rants to me, suitable to the Pit, but this is supposed to be one of our debate forums.

Back to the OP, looks like they haven't made that "mistake" when referring to Chris Collins. I suppose they may do that if Trump is kicked out, but there's no real point in speculating.

Sorry for the interruption, and, again, welcome to the Boards.