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Most FUN . . . and least fun . . team sport to play as an athlete


Ice Hockey---Just got done reading George Plimpton's book about the game, and he noted its one of the few sports where the players hang out on the ice after practice. Whats not fun about skating around the ice and slapping a puck around? Exception: not as fun for the goalie

Soccer---very similar. Run around the field and kick the ball around. Admittedly requires a lot of physical stamiaa. Exception: the tackles are nasty.


American Football----for the life of me unless you are the quarterback, running back or a receiver, and even that being played with a cumbersome helmet. I cannot see how playing this game is fun in the least. Most positions rarely handle the ball. The game is physically brutal, and many of the coaches seem to be world class ballbusters. There is also a very toxic "jock" culture which almost seems required for such a violent game. Exception: Football players in USA get the most chicks.

Cricket----if a batsman, you could wait for hours before getting a turn at the wicket, only to be possibly eliminated with one bowl. As a fielder, you stand there for HOURS, and have to catch fly balls with your bare hands. Exception: You get to wear cool hats.

Baseball-----lets see. Your are either a pitcher and risk getting your arm blown out by the age of 21. Or you are a batter dodging 95mph fastballs bear your head. Or a fielder who gets to look up in the sun while trying to handle a flying 76mm baseball cascading at you. Wheres the fun come in? Exception: Highest paid athletes in North America!

Water Polo----Throwing a ball around in a deep pool with other dudes wearing speedos. I also hear the sport is physically brutal. Too bad almost no one cares. Quick test: Name ONE Water Polo Hero NOPE you cant name one. Exceptions: None. This sport sucks!

Has anyone played these sports and disagrees? What have I missed? Is handball fun? Celtic football miserable? Hurling a rush?