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Originally Posted by SanVito View Post
Accident? Driving on the wrong side of the road is classed as 'Dangerous driving', a serious criminal offence. You can't just drive on the wrong side of the road and go 'oops' when you kill someone because of it. Dangerous driving is not an accident, it's a deliberate or reckless act.
Well, that, or an outcome of fatigue and living in a country where they drive on a different side of the road than you spent the last few decades driving on. That sort of wrong-side driving happens sometimes to Brits driving in drive-on-the-right countries, too. I don't know the exact circumstances of this accident so I can't say if that was a factor or not in this particular case.

Nor does it excuse anything. It's still wrong. The difference is in the motivation: carelessness, not deliberate malice. I think most of us would argue there should still be penalties, but we might allow some mitigation of the penalties assessed, particularly if the guilty party were cooperative with the legal process.

Unfortunately, this seems to be a case where no matter how much the guilty party wants to cooperate other factors (international diplomacy and powerful governments) would prevent that.

Even so - it never hurts to ask for immunity of this sort to be waived. For all we know the woman is doing that even as we speak. Or maybe not - we have no way to know.