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Originally Posted by BigT View Post
It just seems ridiculous that the system could be set up this way. Why would you set it up where some people are completely above the law, and thus incentivize those who want to break the law to become diplomats? Why wouldn't it be more discretionary, with the diplomat's country choosing whether or not to extradite based on the alleged crime and the evidence given?

This still gets rid of the major problems of either retaliation or horrible laws, but doesn't let the diplomat get away with these horrible acts.

Plus, how far does this extend? What counts as a diplomat?
The system is in place because world peace demands we have diplomats--actual people on the ground who can speak for their government. Civilians. But it's a really fucking dangerous job. Maybe not in the UK, but in lots of times and places, being a diplomat meant risking waking up one morning the legal representative of a nation that you was at war with the nation you are currently living in.

Diplomats need the security of extraordinary protections. I mean, seriously, if you were from a Muslim-majority country and assigned to be a diplomat in the US, would you be totally sanguine that Trump wouldn't have you or your wife or your kid arrested on bullshit charges if he was unhappy with your government? I wouldn't.