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Originally Posted by Isosleepy View Post
The woman is not going to be on trial here, the legality of her holding the gun is not at issue.
While it would be nice if it were true, that's not how trials of police officers killing innocent people go. Just look at the case in neighboring Dallas where Amber Guyger flat out murdered an innocent man, where the cops got a search warrant to look through his apartment for narcotics but never even searched her house. Or look at this case where the police early on released a photo showing everything blurred but a handgun. I will bet good money that a large part of this trial will involve a discussion of just how threatening this black woman daring to play video games with her kids and defend him against a prowler peering in her window and shouting things at her is.

At stake is how justified the cop was in shooting her, and if found he wasnít, what the consequences are. I believe he will be found to have acted contra his training and established procedures. To me, the logical consequences of killing someone through gross incompetence or violation of procedure should lead to a conviction of the Texas equivalent of manslaughter. Letís hope DA, grand jury and jury agree.
Disagree completely. Using one's authority as an agent of the state to murder someone should always bump the crime up to a much more severe level, and that's what he did. When he gets the PD releasing images to make him look threatened and a cover-up attempt by the other cop who failed to arrest this murderer when he witnessed a straight up killing, and he's opting to ignore established procedure and common sense in order to attack an innocent person in her own home, none of this 'oh it was an accident' nonsense should apply. If you go up to someone's window, shout stuff at them, then shoot them 1.5 seconds later, this isn't remotely like 'oh there was a fight and things went too far' or 'oh I heard a strange noise and I was scared'.