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Originally Posted by Inigo Montoya View Post
Can't you though? Sometimes I think the problem with the well-to-do is not having to experience a daily existential crisis for want of money has robbed them of perspective, and along with it, their humanity. Helping them to reconnect with their countrymen and fellow earthlings, in order to preserve the person's very humanity, is as good a reason as any to tax unearned income at 99% or higher. Oh, they'll howl about how it's unfair and make up all kinds of reasons for why the rest of the world should do the actual work of being civilized, but a few months of living from obscene paycheck to obscene paycheck will at least maybe force them to acknowledge the ravages of poverty in their very own society. Well, probably not, but at least the assholes won't be obscenely rich at the expense of the less fortunate. And they wonder why the proletariat hate them so!
Also fuck you.

You people are fucking insane. You think having a few bucks removes all the barriers in life?

Fucking delusional.

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