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Originally Posted by BobLibDem View Post
Stove top stuffing is superior in every way to stuffing the bird. Simpler and safer and I think tastes just as good.

Reminds me of an old Freak Brothers cartoon-
Phineas: "This stuffing is great. What did you stuff the turkey with?"
Fat Freddy: "I didn't stuff it- it wasn't empty"
Well, you can make perfeclty good non bird non stovetop stuffing - the herbed dried bread cubes of your choice. I mince up an onion, a stick or two of celery, a large peeled carrot and toss it with the cubes along with chopped walnuts, a tsp of garlic granules and a tsp of poultry seasoning. I melt a stick of butter into a box or two [or equivalent homemade] chicken or turkey broth and toss the dry mix with it and pack it gently into a baking vessel [I like a nice casserole dish, like a COrning French WHite with lid] and bake it in a 350 degree fahrenheit oven for about 45 minutes or so. Comes out nice, like stovetop or whatever off brand stuffing and not that much more work overall, just more time cooking.
Originally Posted by DesertDog View Post
Mom always served it both ways, done in the bird and in a pan outside the bird. I preferred the latter because it was a bit crunchy around the edges.
I have to admit I prefer it outside the bird for the same reasons.
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