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Originally Posted by Filbert View Post
Half the local economy seems to be based on beachside cafes round here, combined with strong winds and steep hillsides, pretty well anything dropped tends to wind up in the sea. Look at somewhere like this and it's easy to see how it happens, and this place gets busy in season.

I suspect it's largely because they stay so easily recognisable that they get the direct attention, but as a small item often handed to a kid they do get everywhere.
Okay, maybe it makes sense to ban plastic straws for outdoor beach-side restaurants.

Originally Posted by Mundane Super Hero View Post
Am I the only one who has already started hoarding? I have 5 plastic bags filled with about 30 plastic bags each just in case of emergencies...
Nope. Plastic bags are too useful to go away, I expect I will continue to be able to buy them. (And it's not the cheap supermarket bags I am missing -- I can buy things like that -- it's the nice, heavy-weight ones that places like nice bookstores or fancy food emporia used to give out that I am really missing. They make nice gym bags, lunch bags, etc.)

But I have invested in a lot of plastic straws. It's one of those things that many people don't care about much, so even if the only motivation is "it gives you warm fuzzies to deny me a straw", I'm afraid we'll get meaningful straw bans. I got the little ones that are rated to use in hot coffee, since that's when I care about them the most.