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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
Not intended to sound that way. It does however seem to me that getting angry at or about people who are acting without malice and causing no harm is ... something I've seen some of siblings do often and they end up spending much of their time stewing over one thing or another offended and annoyed.
You horse's ass, is your idea of causing no harm up until Broomstick eats something she shouldn't, that she has told the other party that she shouldn't be served, and fucking almost dies? That's attempted murder in my book. And try to not paint everybody with the same paintbrush as your dysfunctional family. Some people have real problems.

Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
But sure, enjoy your outrage! Carry on.
Kindly fuck off, Dr S. What others can see from these posts is that, while medical doctors often deserve our respect, it's not all of them and it's not all of the time. I used to like and respect you, but that is no longer a blanket reaction.