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Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
Question from layman American here: If it is considered more meaningful to win the Champions League than the Premier League, by how much? Like 2x as meaningful?
The CL is 100 times more meaningful - at least that's what every Liverpool fan on earth is currently telling themselves

IDK it probably depends on circumstances and the tempo of your team's success - if your team is going through a very dominant spell then another league title is not as big a deal as if it's the first one after a drought. I remember MAnU winning the first of their prem league titles in 92 (25 year drought) and it was absolutely huge for them, fans crying in the street with the release of tension. But then after that they solidified into a great side and the CL became a massive target, far more than just another league title, and their win in 99 has a similar sort of impact, 30 years after they first won the European cup.
Their subsequent failure to grow that into a powerful European legacy over the next decade [just one more scrappy win, never the consensus best team in Europe at any stage] was likewise significant, ie the CL performance was valued more than the domestic league.

So right now the league title carries far, far more weight than the CL to the Koppites, it's a 30 year monkey on their back that they cannot shift, and they just bottled it big time.