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Oh, Can I help you with this one!! Nineteen year old gen-Yer to the rescue!

LUNCHIN' = acting crazy, being a jerk

SNAP! = Awesome, cool, usually NOT accompanied by the finger action.

CLASSIC = stylish, "Gucci," hip, awesome

HEAD = short for "pothead" i.e. "Smoke much, head?"

ROLLIN = doing e (ecstacy)

HORSIN = doing special K

CHILL = cool

GAYLY FORWARD = instead of straight, even for heteros - so PC! i.e. "Don't turn left yet, we go gayly forward a few more blocks"

MUCH = at the end of sentences, with sarcasm i.e. when dining with a sloppy eater, say "Eat out much?" or "Use napkins much?" Must be said with emphasis at the end "CH," drawing the sound out a little.


BLACK CHOCOLATE = a black OR white person with attitude (also: DIVA)

CRACKER = a cool black person. Ironic...get it much?

BLACK COFFEE = hot black man

MUSTACHE = oral sex on a woman

TRUDAT-TRUDAT = that's right (said quickly)

SPELUNKING = oral sex on a man (I don't really get this one, but hey...)

GHETTO FAB = so ghetto it's cool

WITCH DOCTOR = scary Goth person (also: FREAK POCKET)

FREAK POCKET = group of scary Goth people i.e. "look at that freak pocket over by Hot Topic!"

CONTEMPO = teeny bopper adjective (refers to the store Contempo Casuals) i.e. "Listen to NSYNC much, Contempo?"

Hope this helped!!