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For the Republicans, I'd love to see Kasich running. He and I disagree pretty much across the board on what's best for the country... but we do agree that we should do what's best for the country. You'd think that could be taken for granted, but it's become all too rare, especially on the Republican side. We need to return politics to being politics.

For the Democrats, my absolute top #1 choice would be former Montana governor Brian Schweitzer, but he's made it 100% absolutely, unambiguously clear that he's not interested in any job whatsoever in the federal government.

I'll also put in another voice in favor of Tammy Duckworth. She's a fighter who won't back down, and that's what we need right now. And I still have hope for her as a VP candidate.

Sherrod Brown would have made a good candidate and a good president, but I agree with others that, right this moment, we need him more in the Senate, and I think he realized that, too.