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Originally Posted by you with the face View Post
And it is sad that him applying to 20 schools (instead of 4 or 5 which one newscaster insisted was better) was portrayed as arrogant, attention-seeking behavior. In all probability, he picked 20 because he was uncertain that he'd get into his preferred schools. In other words, a lack of arrogance likely guided his decision to apply widely. I wouldn't be surprised if it was his parents that insisted he do this, because that's what my mother did to me. She didn't want me to miss out on opportunities unnecessarily. But instead of pausing to consider the possibility Michael Brown approached the college application process with the cautious, risk averse mindset of someone who doesn't assume the world is his oyster, the news anchors found it easier to spin it as the complete opposite. Uppity, in other words.
I don't think it was arrogant or attention-seeking, but are you kidding? A black kid with outstanding grades and a stellar SAT can get into any university he wants. They will trample each other in the effort to convince him to go to their school.

Of course he applied to 20 schools. Which one will give him the best offer? He'd be crazy not to.