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This the twitter apology from Sara Fraser:

Bishop Talbert - I am sorry. I’m sorry to Michael b. I truly had no malice when I set this story up, we wanted to ask is 20 schools too much? But I see now that was petty. Michael is awesome and I have learned a lesson.

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First off, good on her for apologizing. But I don't understand why they thought this was a good set up in the first place. Is 20 schools too much for what? The only downsides to casting a wide net are incurred by the student who has to put in the time and application fees; it is inconsequential to anyone else. If the question really is, what is the minimum number of schools a student should aim for, I could see some discussion around that. But for the short amount of time they had to gab, it was bad judgement to make the subject be the number of schools the kid applied to, when the obvious detail is that he succeeded in getting into all of them much to the excitement of him and his friends.

This is the non-apology t the other host, Holly Morris, tweeted:

I just believe in a more targeted search. I think the common ap has changed the game and makes it too easy to apply to too many schools. Has nothing to do with privilege. Just my opinion. We can disagree... that’s ok
What the benefit of more targeted search, if the student wants to maximize her/his options?