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Originally Posted by QuickSilver View Post
Fox News: New day, new low.
Originally Posted by Knowed Out View Post
Apparently FOX news anchors are intimidated by the intelligent. They're the ones who bring up climate change, evolution, and other sinful topics.
Originally Posted by 3trew View Post
WE know that, but he is black after all, and I'm pretty sure the average Fox viewer thinks that he could have 19 of his fellow gangbangers (cite: he's black) take those spots (since there's no known way of telling young black men apart) and then claim that the school is racist and has to give them doctorates as reparations. Only, y'know, without the words of greater than two syllables.
Minor nitpick. This is a local Fox network affiliate, not the same as Fox News. They are still crap, but usually in a sensationalistic "What product in your house is killing your children? Tune in at 11:00" rather than a "All liberals are traitors" kind of way.

Otherwise carry on.

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