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I'm a random dude on a random message board, so take what I say with every bit of due caution.

To my mind, once trust is destroyed at this level, there is no road back. Yeah, people can change. Yeah, people can forgive. Yeah, there are stories of redemption and recovery. But they are the rare exception, not the norm. The norm is that it all ends in anger, resentment and divorce.

No one can tell you which outcome is the right one for you. But the statistics are not with the hopeless optimists.

The good news is, if you want it, you get a chance to start again with someone new and with a whole lot of experience and knowledge about yourself and the things you want and, most importantly, the shit you'll never put up with ever again. Because you don't have to.

So take a year (or however long you need - but not too long!) to think about it. Until then, leave your options open.